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Just getting out the rust

Taking Over for the filthy but entertaining Howard Stern are very tough shoes to fill on the morning drive as it was for Sammy Hagar to fill Roth's shows in Van-Halen 20 years ago. Everyone will always give the nod to the Diamond Dave version of VH as the morning listeners will do the same for Howard, But like Sammy did Roth will be the orange to the apple and do very well.

I have listened eagerly in DLR's inaugural week and after a tough first day. I find Diamond Dave to be a very well spoken, well educated and a very interesting listen. He will never be Howard Stern nor do I think he aims to be. As an adult I am a huge fan of Howard Stern, but as I get older I see things alot differently from a parental perspective. With 2 young kids in diapers the time is going to come when I am driving them to school and when I would normally would have Stern on. There would be no way I would want my kids to be listening to 3 woman throwing up on a twisted naked man between a good interview or informative information. I myself find it hilarious as a 35 year old man, but to have my kids going into Kindergarten talking about it would most likely lead to unnecessary PTA meetings.

Roth provides color to current events and common peoples situational everyday life endeveaurs without the getting into the pleasures of anal sex and when his shows grows I hope that celebrities will be looking to plug something on free radio so we can find out how well he will interviews. That was one of the biggest things I loved about Stern besides the filthy humor was his ability to conduct the best interviews with the absolute best guests and ask the tough questions. Time will tell how it goes. Tom Chiusano is going to be board not having to have to play close attention to Roth's broadcasts because I think Roth has the ability despite his insanity to provide a good listen by showing off his intelligence to speak different languages and to show how well cultured he is in all areas of the spectrum. He can boast all he wants about his certifications as a helicopter pilot, an EMT technician and a Martial Arts specialist. Throw in 25 years on the road as a rock star and you have one interesting individual.

On the flip side. I greatly miss Stern, but I am not ready to take on even the smallest of bills at this time with a big mortgage and the cost of baby formula I am not going to pay for something when I can get it for free. 12 bucks a month is not worth it to me just to hear Howard and Robin use swear words. I wish Howard well. Hopefully when the cost goes down to 3 bucks a month I may consider owning a satellite radio, but for now - hum an a boom a la boom al la hum an a la boom ala hum al boom al - BOP!!!!!!
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Are they by any chance airing this over the internet as well? I'm British, so, just a little bit out of the range. ;)

Secondly I'm starting to think how you said, about liking one thing for yourself and thinking it's perhaps not for the kids. I don't have any myself yet, but sometimes I think hey, I wouldn't want my kids to hear/watch this if I have any, at least not til they were near adulthood or something.
You can call me a hypercrit for saying that I enjoy Sterns filth but I am also 35 years old and I can handle it. I don,t need Stern teaching my kids about the joys of sex. they can do that on thier own when they are old enough and learn the old fassioned way..

Yes you can pick up Roth on the net at www.DavidLeeRoth.com
At least Roth has something better to do now than play gigs at Ramada Inn lounges... got pretty pitiful for awhile there.