Smarter Than a Monkey, Cheaper Than a Robot. (jimb) wrote in van_halen,
Smarter Than a Monkey, Cheaper Than a Robot.

Dress Rehearsal Pics

Has anyone checked out the pics from the dress rehearsal of Van Halen's upcoming tour?
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I was going to be more diplomatic and say that WVH had as many t-shirt changes as Michael Anthony. Mikey is kind of buff these days now that he's touring with Sammy.
EVH still looks sick in my opinion--he's a bit waif-like.
DLR still looks like he needs to be the center of attention.
WVH DOES NOT fit with the look they're going for. I'm all about not starving yourself, but c'mon, you're going on a major tour, at least have some stage presence!

Sammy Hagar and the Waboritas WITH Michael Anthony in November!! :)
The Sammy & Mikey thing seems to be more about playing for the fans than the VH & DLR thing of proving that the two of them can get along enough to rake in some bucks. Although I'm not in favor of the Bring Your Kid To Work tour, Wolfgang is just a kid and his dad roped him into this. I wouldn't blame the kid. His dad is putting a lot of pressure on him.
I totally agree that EVH probably roped him into going on tour. But, he isn't 5 years old. I think he can think for himself.

Either way, this isn't Van Halen. It's a new band that wants to continue living off the Van Halen name and take everyone's money.